Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We had a tiny visitor....

It is no secret that my three year old is addicted to binkies! A couple days ago, however, a tiny visitor dropped by our house. THE BINKY FAIRY! 
We have had a fairy door for a couple years now, but this was our first fairy visit ;o) 
Lillias woke up to find a little trail of glitter {fairy dust} and a note by the fairy door. Without hesitation Lillias handed me the binky to give to the binky fairy.

Here are the notes I made from the fairy to leave...

We have been talking to her a lot about this coming and she had even requested her binky fairy present. Princess of course!
A very creative friend made the fairy door for me, she has a fabulous blog!

I have been impressed with Lilli not asking for the binky back, but she has been a little more grumpy than normal. I keep telling myself that it will get better, hopefully it will. No turning back now!


  1. Oh do I remember those days! Looks like we have the same wood floors!
    Thanks for your visit today, can't wait to see your cabinets, good luck!