Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Destin Part 2 -- The beach!

We spent most of the time at the pool but did spend one day at the beautiful beach! It was so fun to see Lillias run into the water and then be chased right back out by the waves. 

Eyeing the huge wave coming in ;)

Last but not least I couldn't leave out Lillias and Shawn's trip round the go cart track! It was first thing in the morning and so they were the only ones on the track, which was a good first introduction!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family Trip to Destin

Over spring break we drove {14 hours} to beautiful Destin, Florida. After a long Ohio winter, it was so nice to escape to a place where it was sunny everyday and at least in the 70 degree range. We spend a lot of the time just walking around enjoying the fact that we could and didn't freeze! The girls were both sick the week before the trip and where pretty much back to normal, Shawn and I, however got sick the day we left to drive there. Not great timing for a miserable head cold... but we made the most of our time there any way! I actually lost my voice on the 3rd day, Lillias informed me that the sea witch took it and that I'd get it back in three days {Little Mermaid} So funny! 

The resort was awesome! Down a very short path we walked to the village filled with restaurants, shops and activities. My favorite restaurant was a little brunch place that had the best french toast and yummy CRUNCHY bacon. Lillias loved the candy shop and the carousel. 

We meet Grammy and Papa Cochran as well as Seth, Lisa, Ryan, Ethan and Chloe down there. It was so fun to let the kids play together and see Chloe for only the second time in person since she was born!!

View from the balcony of our room. 

Lillias had a blast in the pool, she would wake up asking to swim. Addy loved to watch, but like her mommy was not such a huge fan of actually getting into the cold water!