Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blessings and Challenges of being a MOM...

Today I was sitting on the couch holding Adelaide with Lillias next to me and I just felt so blessed that I had the honor of raising these two little girls! Lillias is going through a rough stage right now, and most days I feel like such a failure and a mean mom lacking the patience that she deserves. As I sat there today, however, watching my girls smile and interact with each other so lovingly I had thought that everything is going to be ok, Lillias and Adelaide will turn out ok, despite Lilli's current behavior trend she will grow out of it.. {hopefully ;o)}


  1. Oh thank you so much I needed this. Jack is going through a similar stage right now....

  2. I'm already having waves of not-doing-a-good-job thoughts, and my son is only 3 months! I think every parent goes through it. I just had a breakdown the other day because I'll be going back to work soon, and someone else will be comforting my child. It tore me up.