Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today my second born is ONE! 
Adelaide has made it incredibly easy to love her, she has been the best baby. 
Pure joy. 

Adelaide at One:

- She is a mommy's girl but also independent

- LOVES her sis sis. {And sis sis loves her!}

- At one is still my fabulous sleeper, going to bed at 8p.m. and waking usually around 8:30 a.m. AND taking two, two hour naps during the day

-Cuddles with a pink blanket to sleep

- Could eat all day {and kinda does}

- Favorite food: Bananas

- Addy's words: 
na na - banana/food
da da - shawn and everything she doesn't have a word for
ma ma - me 
ni ni - night night {bedtime}
ba ba- bottle
bu bu- bye bye
ga ma- grandma

- Clothing size: can still fit into 12 months but 18 months is a better fit

- Shoes size: 3

- Will not let me put anything in her hair, no clips and no headbands for this girl these days {I'm pretty sure her hand was up in this picture because she was about to rip the headband off!}

- Crawls super fast, walks along furniture but probably will not walk on her own for some time... the crawling thing is just to efficient! 

- Has 14 teeth, our teething over achiever!

- Smiles her sweet smile to pretty much every and anyone who smiles at her

- Still can't come to a final decision on what color eyes she has. Most of the time they look brown but other times they look green or gray... So we are going with Hazel at the moment {I wanted to name her Hazel and Shawn didn't... to bad since it would have been so fitting ;)}

Happy First Birthday Adelaide!

Lillias' First Trip to the Dentist

This post is a couple weeks past due, but still a first that deserves mention! Lillias' "beautiful" teeth meet the dentist! She was a perfect patient and walked away loving the idea of coming to the dentist a couple time a year! {Didn't hurt they gave her a princess tooth brush, bracelet and pink toothpaste!}

The very sweet at patient hygienist showing Lillias all the teeth tools...

The awesome Little Mermaid Glasses so the bright light didn't bother her eyes...

Getting down to business...

The dentist making sure Lillias had the proper amount of teeth and no cavities... She told Lillias that she had perfect and beautiful teeth :) 

Successful first trip to the dentist!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lillias' First Dance Class

Just like Lillias' namesake she loves ballet, at least a couple times a day you will find her dancing along to her favorite show Angelina Ballerina. She walks on her toes ninety-nine percent of the time and has the calf muscles to prove it! So she was already ahead of the game on the toe walking front. We have been talking about putting her in dance class for awhile now and today was finally the day she has been waiting for... the first day of the summer ballet class at NorthPointe Dance Academy!

She was a natural and loved every minute!

This is the picture I had in my head from the time I found out I was pregnant with a girl... pink, tutu and a bun! LOVE! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living Room Before & After

When we moved into this house there was one major thing I couldn't stand... the gigantic hole in the wall! Since the only cable outlet was inside of this hole I assume the builder thought it would be a good media solution... I tried a lot of different ways to use this hole and never found any to make it work to my liking. So, after 4 years of staring at the ugliest focal point in the main room of our house, we finally hired a contractor to drywall over the hole! BEST. DECISION. EVER! We actually have a normal looking fireplace now and I couldn't be happier! It could possible be my favorite thing we have done to the house.


New fireplace surround 
Fresh paint -- Agreeable Gray by SW
New Rug -- HomeGoods
New Side Tables -- HomeGoods and Crate & Barrel
New Accent Chairs -- CSN
Simple White Curtains -- Restoration Hardware
Canvas Prints --