Saturday, December 4, 2010

Designing Away... For a VERY special person!

My nephew Ryan holds a special place in my heart, he joined our family 8 years ago and made me an aunt for the first time. He is such a special spirt. He is an obedient, sweet, thoughtful, SMART, handsome guy! I was reading back through my journals a couple weeks ago and came across several entries where sweet Ryan made my life a little bit easier. 
When Ryan was around 4 years old, Lisa and Ryan had stayed the night at my mom's house. I was about 7 weeks pregnant and had just left a doctor appointment where I found out that I had been pregnant with twins and one had died and the other was not looking like it would make it either. I was devastated and drove straight from the appointment to my mom's knowing that she and Lisa would both be there. As I was telling my mom the news we both started crying. Ryan who had been playing in the other room came in to see me with tears down my face, ran into my arms and gave me a hug. It was perfect timing and much needed. 
The next experience {of many}was also when he was 4ish years old and we were living with my in-laws, Ryan was staying the night and I was sick. He got up pretty early {pretty sure he still does} came into my room and wanted to play, to which I informed him that I was sick and staying in bed. A little while later he came back into my room with a bottle of medicine and a dixie cup of water to "fix me." My mother in law told me later that he came rushing into her room where she had been sleeping and told her that I was sick and needed medicine. She got him the bottle and helped him fill the cup of water all at his request. 
I am so blessed to be a part Ry Ry's {pretty sure he doesn't like to be called that anymore} life!

About a month ago he was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints out in Austin and I was unable to go. Lisa, however, asked me to make the programs for the event. I was so glad she did because even though I was not there to cheer on the boy I love so much, I felt apart of the day. 
Here is the program I designed:

Front and Back


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  1. Sweet, Amy--I think the programs turned out great, and I love memories like those!