Friday, October 29, 2010


We have been keeping REALLY busy lately. I am taking a graphic design class {hoping to put another degree under my belt} it's probably going to take about 100 years at the one class per quarter rate I am going at. I'm glad I can fall back on teaching, but am really enjoying this major and kinda wishing that I would have done this the first time around.... With Shawn back in school too it is hard to fit in homework time, but overall it's working out. Friends, Family and church are taking advantage of my new design hobby, which is keeping me busy but is good experience. 
Time is flying by and Addy is four months {still need to do a photo shoot to document that} Lillias is loving preschool and mommy is too! ;o) Last week we had two excursions one with some friends and the other with her school, pictures to come... 
We are really enjoying the crisp Fall weather and since daddy is away at work, school or studying much of the time we girly girls have gotten into a good routine just the three of us.  I am loving our time spent together! Thankful to Shawn for working hard at work and school!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love This!

One of the blogs I follow madebygirl posted these pictures from photographer Jen Thompson's studio. I love the lofty modern shabby chic look she used! If I ever {probably never will} have a big fun work space to decorate I would like it to look like this!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Ya'll!

I just got back from beautiful Austin visiting my lovely sister and her new adorable addition, Chloe Belle!
Addy and I flew in on Saturday and flew out Wednesday, a quick trip! I wish I would have taken more pictures but below are a few... 

I can't remember exactly what this place was called but it was SO gorgeous!! The rain chased us out after about 30 mins but I was glad that we had beat the rain long enough to take in the view!!

Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without some shopping ;) We did a little of that at the outdoor mall by Lisa's house. Below are the best we got with the girly girl cousins together...

My Sweet Adelaide at 3 Months

Here are a few shots from her 3 month photo shoot. I saw this dress at Janie and Jack and could not leave without it! It made the perfect prop! 

There has been some debate in our household on how to get these cute bows to stay put on her little head. My mom used Elmer's glue when I was little to get the bows to stay, so that's what I used. Shawn however thought this was strange and did not think I should use glue... it has worked out great so far! Ha!

Adelaide is still the best baby, I love her to pieces!!!

{p.s. this post is about 2.5 weeks behind}