Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall in Review

Since I am looking at this blog basically as a scrapbook/journal I want to make sure I don't leave out the fun activities that made our Fall fun this year! So to recap here are a couple events...

First was a trip to the Olentangy Indian Caverns, it was the perfect crisp Fall day!

We went with the Holloway's, England's, and the Torgesen's. A fun group with lots of cute friends for Lillias to make silly faces with!

Addy went in and out of naps the whole way through the cold damp caves, such a little trooper!

Reese and Lilli making each other crack up!

Classic Lillias bossing the situation! HA! She loved mining for "jewels!"

The day after we visited the caverns, Lillias had her school field trip to the pumpkin patch. Grandma and Grandpa Adams' came up to watch Addy Ann while mommy and Lillias went to the farm. This was the first time since Adelaide was born that Lillias and I did something just the two of us! 

Right after I snapped this picture the pony bit her finger, she was not happy about it either! 

Lilli with her preschool class and Miss Vickie! The sweetest teacher, Lillias LOVES her!

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