Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Kid-Cuteness!

I have taken a lot of pictures on my iphone since I got it almost two years ago, and hardly ever do anything with them. I love looking back through them though, because it's like a timeline of the places we have gone and the things that make up our daily lives. 

Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from the last couple months...

 Poor little neglected child passed out watching cartoons today while I was {still} painting. What makes my neglect worse is that she has a cold :( Still so cute!!

Lillias got a kids meal at sonic a couple months ago and took it to the food court at the mall... this was the rockin toy. She thought they were cool for all of about 1 minute {thankfully, haha} 

More random playtime shots of my happy baby!

While I wasn't looking Lilli got into my wallet and took out all my money, she usually just goes for the coins but this day she took me for all I had. It wasn't a small amount either. We have been really focusing on sharing lately and so when I asked her to put it all back into my wallet she informed me that I needed to share and handed me a 1 dollar bill. Mind you it was the only one mixed in with 20's! Smart girl! ;o)

There is lots of sisterly loven going on at our house. It is so amazing to watch these two together!

I am a blessed mama!!

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