Monday, March 15, 2010

My Birthday / Trip to Texas

This year I celebrated my 27th birthday in Austin at my sister Lisa's. It was the perfect little week getaway, sleep-in everyday, shopping, good food and great company! The day I got in I was swept away to a yummy dinner at the Hula Hut followed by an hour full body massage (my birthday gift from my sweet sister) and then finally back to her house for a mini birthday party with quite a few of her friends. Back to the massage, it was a pregnancy massage and was SO perfect after a long day of travel!! Thanks Lisa!

Eating the delicious cupcakes Lisa made to celebrate my day. Lillias was on the phone singing me happy birthday too!

(Obviously time stamps aren't right, I promise they are from this year :))

Look at that spread! Go Lisa!

One late evening I had the craving for some french fries, so Lisa took me to "Mighty Fine" I would compare it to "Five Guys." There they had this cool hand washer, and stickers to prove that you had indeed washed your hands.

Don't ya love the mini old fashion Coke! ($2.25 later)

Another party, this was a baby shower for one of Lisa's friends. It was in the most beautiful neighborhood, and the house was amazing! The food was equally amazing! I was glad to be included.

We all parked on the hill above the girl's house, so her husband drove us all down to the house in his golf cart. Ethan (Lisa's son) was in heaven, I have to admit it was kinda fun to go that fast on a golf cart :)

Lisa's two handsome boys before church.

Ethan and I before church. We were all ready to go before Lisa, but Seth (her hubby) said he couldn't take me because I look too much like Lisa (but enough different) that it would just confuse people. So funny!

Such a fun birthday and trip to Texas!
Thanks Lisa and Family for making my trip so enjoyable!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did I mention...

I just got home from beautiful Austin and will post all about that next time.... but before I left we found out we are having another GIRL! We are so excited, especially Lillias who never wavered that the baby in mommy's tummy was a girl.