Wednesday, December 29, 2010

iphone magazine idea pictures

One of my presents this Christmas was a Charles Penzone Spa gift card. So last night as I sat there enjoying my pedicure, I looked through Lucky magazine. I hate it when I see ripped out pages, there have been times where I see something I want to remember but out of respect for the next reader I don't tear anything out. So yesterday as I sat there with my iphone next to me the thought occurred to me that I should just take a picture! I'm probably the last person to think of this, but just incase you get bummed every time you see something in a magazine that you want to remember, this one is for you! ;o)

Here are some random things I wanted to check out...

I need these Band-Aid's, Lillias has her princess and Hello Kitty Band-Aid's... the sequin bling Band-Aid's are right up my ally!

Wouldn't mind this candle making my room smell wonderful! Plus in the back of the magazine they had a coupon code, can't pass that up!

I'm not a huge make-up person, but I would love to get really dressed up and "make-up-uped" and go somewhere fun... until that happens I'll take iphone photos just incase! 

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