Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lillias' Preschool Christmas Program

Today Lillias had her preschool Christmas Program. The Grandparents on both sides and Uncle Scott all came to watch her in action. It was so sweet to see my little girl up on stage singing and dancing {wiggling}.

Lillias lead the group into the room, Miss Vickie {her teacher} to her right.

I love that she goes to school at a church and they incorporated the real meaning of Christmas into the show! Lillias is REALLY excited to get presents this Christmas, she defiantly gets that part about the holiday but isn't to interested in the part about Jesus. Every night in our prayer we say something about remembering the real meaning of Christmas and how it is because of Christ's birth that we celebrate Christmas {i.e. get presents ;)}

Here is the school tree with all the kids hands, so cute!

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