Sunday, August 2, 2009

FunFILLED Saturday!

The theme of yesterday was "How much can you do in ONE afternoon/evening... with a almost 2 year old?" Well, turns out a lot!
First stop, Easton. Where I went to the new BURBERRY Store!!!

Can I just say that if I could spend all day in there trying on coats and bags and everything lovely! They even have a baby section! I also stopped in at J Crew where I found a shirt that I really loved and when I took it up to buy it, a shirt I was prepared to pay $34.00, it rang up $7.99! Lets just say that the hubby was much more pleased about the purchased after that!

Next on the list was the Gallery Hop in the Short North. I have to admit that I was not to excited about this event. It is crowded and Lilli doesn't stay in a stroller anymore so it just did not sound to appealing... But it was really fun! Lilli did not stay in her stroller, but Shawn was good about watching her as I went into all the cute boutiques. Here are some of our stops.

Substance is a really great boutique, where I found a cute new handbag!

We also found a lady selling random things on the street who was playing ABBA on her stereo, so of course Lilli had to stop and dance...

While we were dancing, we noticed that she was selling this cute old little rocking chair, just Lillias size. $20 later we now have it sitting on our patio.

Had to throw this next picture in the mix of the morning after all our adventures because it is just so cute! Daddy let mommy sleep in, and this is what happened while I was still dreaming...


  1. Haha, so cute. LIlli is getting so big I can't believe it. She's almost 2 now right? Wow. The gallery hop looked fun!! I hope you enjoy your new handbag :)

  2. Amy that pic of Lillias is seriously priceless! The pillows!?! Soo cute. I love the gallery hop.. I need to go down there again. The shops are so fun to sort through!

  3. WOW I am impressed she lasted through all that. I miss you. It sounds like you guys are doing great and I love your new blog. Super cute. Lilli is growing up so fast. Does she want a sibling yet?

  4. Amy,
    You are so fabulous! I need to fly you out here when I start decorationg (in about 10years) so you can help me.