Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deep Thoughts...

Do you ever feel like the reality of life hits all at once, and you remember that life is a blessing. A while back I posted about a really bad accident that happened right by our house where someone had to be life flighted. I couldn’t stop thinking about the people involved in the accident and how their lives would be forever changed, if they survived. Lately a couple things have happened that have made me stop and reflect on life and how it can change so quickly. Deaths, marriages, and an old friend that out of nowhere has just been diagnosed with a rare blood disease and the prognosis is not so great. For me, it seems like my happiness is held together by one big event to the next. I forget to stop and appreciate the little moments that separate the larger events. My goal from today on is to start to notice and be grateful for the not so huge moments in my life, but those that I am so blessed to have.


  1. So true Amy! I think that is a great observation and one that we all do well to remember. Life is so precious, and although it's not perfect it is still wonderful!=) Thanks for the reminder!

  2. i agree it's hard to remember and appreciate little things- the ones that matter most and go unnoticed. DITTO! To your whole speech! :)