Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Growing up I didn't spend my summers at disneyland or Florida at the sunny beach.... I spent them in Utah. That was our family vacation EVERY year. My two sisters, mom and me would pack into our station wagon and drive across the country to the state of Utah. Now, I have never been to disneyland, which many of you might think is a form of child neglect, but I do have the best childhood vacation memories anyone could ask for!
My parents recently made that cross-country drive, which has made me think a lot about these family trips. Most of my extended family lived/live in Utah and we spent the majority of our time between three cities: Logan, Salt Lake and Monticello.
My dad grew up in Logan and to this day, my heart skips a beat when I hear someone mention Logan! I have the best memories of my Grandma Adams and all our adventures there. Down Canyon road was the all brick house with the ivy growing up the side where my dad grew up. We would sit in the back yard drinking black cherry IBC and watching the lambs in the side yard (Yes one of those lambs did knock me down in poop, but I still remember them fondly:)) My Grandma Lillias took such good care of us grandkids, making sure that we were always entertained. She would make canoes out of cucumbers, all of us grandkids spent hours with those "canoes" sending them down the little stream in front of their house. I always slept down in the cold basement, mostly because it was so dark in the mornings that I would sleep in. I thought I was so cool sleeping in, not sure why, but I was so proud! I usually missed Grandma Lillias' big breakfast, which I regret now! The Logan temple was such a special place in my Grandma's heart, she spent a lot of time there and I always wanted to get married there. I settled for the Columbus temple :) Another place that we frequented was Kings, Grandma would take all of us grandkids in her big black car (she was so tiny and looked even more so in this honkin car) to each pick out a toy. I was always excited about this adventure, loving to shop even at an early age! On to the food of Logan, the squeaky cheese, blue bird chocolates and banana creamies! Yummy! The Budge family cabin (my dad's sister's family) in Logan was another big attraction! Lots of rope swinging, fishing, snake catching/releasing :), tubing down the canal was all done here.
On to Salt Lake where my mom's family lived, we spent most of our time at my Grandma Johnson's house. The garage was always open and filled with tools and boy things that kept my Grandpa busy, and in the driveway was the trailer that we would take to the Johnson family reunion campout each year. In the backyard was a huge garden filled with carrots, beans, tomatoes and other yummy veggies. This is the place (other than the garage) that you could find my Grandpa Johnson! I loved pulling a carrot straight from the ground and swinging in the yard while eating it! A favorite activity and memory for I'm sure all of the Johnson grandkids was the go-cart! My grandpa would load up all my cousins and take us to the church parking lot where we would take timed turns taking this thing for a spin! It was a BIG deal! Daniel and Chelise (my mom's brother's kids) lived pretty close to my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and my sisters and I spent quite a bit of time at their house. We loved how they had pop and could watch movies that at home we couldn't! I'm pretty sure that Lisa and Daniel watched Dirty Dancing about a hundred times and the same could be said for Chelise and I watching Top Gun! So many great memories, and while we give our parents grief for this ALWAYS being our vacation destination, I wouldn't change it for time at disneyland or anywhere else!

Grandpa Adams, my dad and me with my tube in Logan.

Rope Swing at the Budge Cabin. Cousin David and Michael in the background.

The Adams' sisters (Don't my lovely older sisters look happy!) haha

Boating with the Johnson Uncles!

Fun Times!!


  1. Haha, so much fun! I think I need to hear more about the falling in poop story. And I loved the old pictures :) Next time you come you better call me!

  2. Wow! So well spoken! You know all those years I thought we were missing out on a real vaca...disney, beach..e.t.c...but now that I have done all that stuff...I realize that I think I had more fun and have better memories becasue of these Utah trips! That picture of the three of us, what was my deal? I know that I primped for like 2 hours for that dinner and I thought I was hot stuff and then mom made us stand in the sun for that picture and Michele and I were super grumpy brats about it :) There's one thing your forgot....7/11 SLURPIES!!!