Monday, July 26, 2010

Adelaide at One Month

My little Adelaide is one month old! It seems like just yesterday I was taking my dollar store pregnancy test and asking Shawn if I was crazy or was there really two lines :o)
She is starting to be awake more and thinks she needs to be held or eating most of that awake time. Most of her life so far she has been sick with congestion, poor little thing doesn't know what it's like to breath normally. She has almost out grown the nightgown she wore in the hospital, and is starting to fit into a lot of the 0-3 month clothes that were to big on her for the first couple weeks. While I was pregnant and miserable I just kept reminding myself that at the end of this I got a baby to cuddle, and now I do a lot of that. Last night while Shawn was holding her she fell asleep he asked if he should put her in her chair, to which I replied NOPE! I want to cuddle my growing-to-fast baby!

Here are some pictures I took yesterday since it was her official 1 Month:


  1. These pics are so cute! I want to have you take pics of our family! You can practice on us :)

  2. OH my gosh amy those pictures are darling. You are such a talented photographer! She is so beautiful.

  3. Awww mom and dad's old wagon makes a great prop! Those pics did turn out great! And she has baby fat! Sooo cute she is! I can't beleive its been a month. Stop growing up and wait for Chloe, Ade!! Any more seeing double in your future??? hehe