Monday, August 23, 2010


My sister Lisa and I are super close and when we found out we were both pregnant 2 months apart and both having girls we were very excited! It been so nice to be able to waddle together through this pregnancy and postpartum journey together!

Chole's picture above was taken a couple days after she was born and Adelaide's was taken the night she was born. (Both cell phone pictures) We think they kinda look a like....


  1. I'm soo happy for you and Lisa! It was meant to be for both of you to have girls! They are both precious and beautiful, congrats!

  2. it surprises me that they don't look even MORE alike, seeing as though... you know... you are sisters and are married to brothers. SO CUTE!!

    with regards to your lillias post -- that first pic of her is just so beautiful. I absolutely love it!! when I waved hi to her at church today it was so cute to see her face light up as she smiled and waved back!