Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrating Lillias

Lillias turns three tomorrow, so we took her out for a day of fun today! First, we went to Sweet and Sassy to get her nails done. She asks at least once a day to have her nails painted so I thought this would be right up her ally! She looked so cute picking out the color and getting them done! She picked out pink without any hesitation, such a girly girl! They painted them and then while they were drying, sprayed her hair with glitter spray and put a glitter pink star on her face. She was in heaven! Next she and daddy went to Dave and Busters to play games while mommy fed Addy and then we ate lunch at Max and Erma's where Lillias had a huge birthday ice cream sunday! Yum!


  1. Such a big girl! Happy Birthday Lillias!

  2. Grandma's precious is growning up! I think
    she has grown since I saw her just a month
    ago. Love her so much