Friday, January 7, 2011

Kitchen Re-Do

Well, this project started with me just wanting to redo the flooring on the 1st floor with dark wood... and turned into new flooring, trim, door trim, window trim, redoing the fireplace surround, new kitchen backsplash, counter tops, painting the cabinets and painting the kitchen walls. My husband and his friend Kristian did all of the work in record time and I painted the cabinets. 

This is a picture of the poor kitchen when we moved in:

And after:

A HUGE thanks to Kristian {and his family who let us borrow him} who did the counter tops and backsplash! I am SO in love with this kitchen, it almost inspires me to cook ;o)
I was talking to Kristian and his wife Amy about it, and the only problem with the redo is that Shawn and I would love to move into a larger home in the next couple years, and this kitchen is the kitchen I'd want in the house we live in forever! Oh well, I'll enjoy as long as I live here!


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  2. Amy!! Great Job Girlie!! This redo is magazine worthy! Very cool and clean now! Love the backsplash.. =)

  3. Totally BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE IT!

  4. It really is wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys!

  5. okay so I know I already told you I love the 'new' kitchen -- so I'll just say that you did an amazing job on the cabinets and it was worth all your effort!! also, I'm glad you went with the plain outlet covers. I had to zoom into your picture to find them (and I'm pretty sure that's what you were going for)!! now I just need to see it in person :)

    the feb issue of country living is all about the color white and how it is an actual COLOR and therefore you can use it to decorate with. you should check it out, I loved some of the stuff in there

  6. Wow your makeover is amazing, just love paint!
    Thanks for your visit!

  7. I love it! That backsplash is amazing.