Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years 2011

2010 brought many changes, the biggest and best was the addition of Adelaide Ann. She has made the past 6 months fly by. Of course she made the first 6 months of the year drag on forever {pregnancy woes} but all the heartburn, throwing up, no energy, sleepless nights, and all over body aches was SO worth it! Thank you Addy Ann for coming into my life and making my 2010 happy and memorable!

I love the potential of New Years and the opportunity it is to reflect back on the good and bad of the previous year and make goals to improve coming into the new year. 

We celebrated New Years Eve with some good friends, funny games and some {a lot} of yummy food!

The above mentioned yummy food!!

Goo Goo and her buddy Dylanie

Mommy and goo goo

Daddy and goo goo {have you caught on that Addy has turned into goo goo ;)}

The girls

Shawn trying to look up the definition of "a loaded question" his definition was different than everyone else, so of course the thing to do it look it up... haha!

Watching the Ball Drop... Happy New Year 2011!

Lillias kept Grandma and Grandpa Adams company for the evening, G + G said she she celebrated until the late hour of 9p.m. and then crashed like it was 2010 :o)

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