Wednesday, January 5, 2011

iPhone Cases

On January 20th I can upgrade to the iPhone 4... I am SO excited!

I have been looking around at some potential cases and can't decide...

How cool is this one, I am constantly running into stores with just my phone and wallet.. this would make that a little easier! It's a case-mate with an original price $34.99 but today on it's $27.

Like the one above, this would be nice because it is a 2 for 1, and oh so stylish. Michael Kors designed this and you can get it on for $79.95.

This is probably my favorite, can't go wrong with classic Kate Spade. This is the polka dot version on and on the Kate Spade website they have this same case but opposite colors with white background and black dots. This one goes for $39.95.

This is the incase, case I have now on my iPhone 3Gs only I have it in white. It fit's it perfectly and is really functional but functional is no fun, right!? Priced pretty good at $34.95 also on

Decisions, Decisions...

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