Saturday, July 17, 2010

Judge Away...

So while I was in the hospital Lillias stayed with my in-laws and my sister-in-law's family who are currently living with them. After some talking to about big-sisters not needing a binky, she gave it to them. Now this ordinarily would have been a great thing (especially since she is almost 3) but, when I came home my sweet Lillias was a VERY different child. I'm sure some of the cranky, won't calm down different child behavior was due to the new baby... but I really felt that a lot of the problem was that she had lost her binky, i.e. her comfort. So after two weeks and a lot of tears on both of our parts I gave her back the bink! Even my parents noticed a big difference, she is back! She calms down and even cuddles again! Now I realize that I am just putting off the inevitable... but timing is everything and the time is not now :)
Hello, my name is binky enabler, and I'm proud of it!

My two girls!


  1. OH my...I am glad that I never got the boys on a binky--but I can totally understand! Little ones need their comfort--and mommies need their sanity!

  2. Cute cute pixs!! Ade is all spread eagle like usual hehe, Lilli is back to looking well like Lilli! Yah for sanity!!

  3. I would prob do the same thing...Mika hasn't quit the passi either, but it doesn't bother me. When we are out in public, she doesn't use it that much. So, it will be a gradual process...Maybe when Lilli starts pre-school she may want to quit on her own once she sees other kids w/o them...I wouldn't worry too are doing great!