Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adelaide is a Blessed Girl

Last Sunday Adelaide had her blessing. At just over three weeks old, it was a little sooner than babies are typically blessed but we wanted to have Grandma and Grandpa Adams there... and since they are leaving tomorrow for Utah and then on to Texas for the next month in a half to two months we did not mind doing it early. Shawn kept the circle to mostly family, his father, my dad, Eric, Scott, the bishopric and Kristian. Adelaide was her perfect self during the blessing and all through the meeting. She wore the same blessing dress that Lillias wore, which of course, was made by my mama! It was a bit big (a lot big :)) but it was still so cute on her!

Grammy and Papa Cochran Grandma and Grandpa Adams

Our Family Shot

Shawn was mad that I had sunglasses on (he thinks it's tacky in pictures) but it was SO sunny, I couldn't look ahead without squinting. So tacky or not her I am with my sunglasses, looking a bit more comfortable than either him or Lillias! ;)

A good day!


  1. Ade looks adorable!! Wow that dress is amazing... :) but don't worry if I do end up borrowing it, I'll give it back...maybe...j/k See I didn't even notice the sunglass thing until you (he) mentioned it! :::::Cry:::: So sad that I couldn't be there! Miss darn everything! You seem happy...I'm happy about that!

  2. I'm glad it was a good day! We blessed Sam really early, too. She looks so precious in her little dress. And I love YOUR dress, too....so cute. BTW, I loved your last post about the binky. I say more power to you!!! I've decided motherhood is all about survival :)

  3. Wow, Amy you look great! The dress is amazing. Next time I'm out your way we'll have to get McKenzie and Ade together that would be fun!

  4. Darn. Sorry I missed it. Glad it was a lovely day! Adelaide looks so precious in her dress.