Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet and Sour

People often ask if my pregnancy is easier this time around, NOPE! I have been just as sick, but this time around I have all the pregnancy symptoms that you can think of, that I didn't with Lillias. I'm hot, swollen, have horrible all day/night heartburn, back aches, belly aches and am still throwing up at least once a day. Oh, and I give myself a shot every night to make sure that I do not get a blood clot this time around. Love that part {Not at all actually}

Saying all that, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet and raise another little girl. I stare at Lillias all the time in wonderment, so strange that I have a child soon to be two children! It is such a blessing in my life to be a mother!


  1. Amy, just catching up on your blog... Congrats on the baby girl... and for a pregnancy that's almost done!!! I know it's so hard, but hang in there you're doing great! Love all the decorations especially the purple room, and love that cute purple lamp with roses! so fun. You're going to be in heaven with two little girls to doll up! so jealous.


  2. I love the cute cartoon! So true! Good luck in your last leg of the pregnancy race! i'm excited for you.

    I love all your projects and lillias' new big girl room. so clean and simple! :)

    Congrats Shawn! Although I still think you are capable of law school.. wink wink
    I'm proud of the smartie pants man you are! You'll do amazing things with your soon to be degree!