Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We had a wonderful 4th filled with family, friends, fireworks and FOOD! I think I am still full! On a different note...

A couple weeks ago I stood in line at 7 am to get the new iPhone, now this is not like me. Pulling my sleeping child out of bed to go into the rainy weather is not something I love to do... but the reward was SO worth the trouble! If you can fall in love with a piece of technology I have fallen hard. It is the one worldly possession that I would be crushed if I lost it. I call it, IT, because to call it a phone doesn't do it justice. The thing does everything! SO fun!

My favorite Apps so far:

- Facebook
- Weather Channel
- E!
- Map Quest
- Sally's Spa (game)

Any App suggestions??


  1. yeah you sound pretty obsessed with it! :) You're a freak to wait in line for it....is it the new one that just came out or something? Is there really only a limited # of them?
    Silly girl! Glad you love it!

  2. I can't let Dave know how much you love the iphone. He wants one so bad, but we can't change our provider.
    On another note, I miss you and I hope you are enjoying Ohio. I love the new blog. It is very Amyesque :)