Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I lOvE NeW yOrK

Not sure when my obsession with New York City started or why... BUT, it has always been the city I long to live in! Yes, it can be dirty and busy and expensive and not always to kid/stroller friendly, however, I would love to live in this apartment in the BIG city! Shawn's on board, now we just have to sell our house, our rental properties, sell most of our stuff, OH AND GET JOBS.
Alright, well looks like Ohio will most likely be my home for some time to come, but hold your breath NY I'll get there some day!


  1. I've only been there ONCE but I loved it. Oh and that apartment is to die for. So cute!!

  2. you are so funny! Such a dreamer- Go girl! If you dream it you can do it!

  3. what a cute apt and amazing chairs!
    I think it's awesome that Shawn is on board with you -- but Joe and I would really miss you when you left :(