Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Thursday First ... Of Many...

Since I spend most of my free time blog surfing I come across a lot of different ideas and blogs in general that inspire me. Now I just need to spend some of that free time putting that creativity that I am admiring to use...
At any rate, I thought that I'd pass along some of my favorite finds of the week, each week, every Thursday.
So for today, I thought I'd share one of my favorite blogs to read -- Which lead me to a new blog that I'm pretty sure is going to become a daily-must-read!

I came across this blog a couple months ago and it has fast become one of my favorites to read. She has great style and her posts are witty and full of fresh ideas!

Liz from SYTH, posted that she had been interviewed by the writer of this blog:

So excited to have come across this blog! And the interview is a MUST READ! Find it here.

In the interview SYTH was asked what some of her favorite DIY projects of late were and she mentioned this one:
I'm thinking that a chalkboard like this one might just be hanging in my kitchen very soon...

Time to get busy!

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  1. hi amy! i love your new blog it is so cute!!! i hope you're doing well.