Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Like Mother's Day we had dinner at our house for my parents and Shawn's mom. The only father present for ALL the food was my dad, because one of our tenants in our rental properties had an emergency door issue, which took Shawn for the whole day. Steve, Shawn's dad, was out of town. All in all it was still a great time and nice to be the one to host a dinner and give my parents and mother-in-law a break!
While I was getting the grill ready a friend hopped over to visit Lillias and Me, and who can resist a frog this tiny and cute! So we made a little home for him until Grandma and Grandpa came over (about 20 mins later). I tried not to let Lilli hold the container too long because as you can see she didn't hold it too steady. I'm sure it was very excited to go back home after that entrapment! Poor thing!

Isn't he cute! Our little "hop, hop" as Lilli called him.

She didn't shake the container, but he did do a couple flips...

The dinner spread:
- Chicken, green pepper, onion, and mushroom kabobs
-Salad with all the goodies
-Fruit platter
-Pasta Salad -- via Judy
-Sour cream potatoes -- via Sharon
AND for desert a yummy, chocolate fudge cake! via Costco

I have been on the hunt for place mats for, well a long time... and can never find ones I like, that will go with many different themes and are WASHABLE! So my new solution is cute paper napkins. These on the table today were from Target, I bought the larger size for the actual placemat (black and white pokadots). Opened up they are 13 x 13, which is smaller than a placemat but still do the trick. Then, I got coordinating napkins to use as the actual dinner napkins (red n' white stripe). Together it makes a cute place


  1. You and Lisa are both so talented!

  2. Love the napkin idea! Super cute. :)

  3. Mmmm mmm look so cute Amy! I love the idea with the napkins! I can't wait to finally be around for one of these family functions!! Save some choc cake for me!

  4. I like the name hop hop :)
    You're dinner looks great! Good job with all the decorations. Not only are you talented, but I find the fact you have the energy and desire to decorate quite amazing in itself!!