Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Adventures in Hair Styling...

First time we tried PIG TAILS!
My girly girl is going to be TWO in a couple months. CRAZY! Although, if you meet her you would probably think she was younger because she always has a binky in her mouth, and she has very little hair for her age. A friend of mine has a little girl who is just over one and she posted on her blog some oh so cute pictures of her girl with pig tails. So thanks Ellen and Amelia you were my inspiration! It's amazing how much older she looks with her hair up in those things! Even more amazing than the fact that she has enough hair,finally, is that she keeps them IN! Hooray!

At the zoo with her pig tails...

At the girly girl lunch...

Lilli and her tails with the whole group!

Fun times!

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  1. I love piggies on little girls. Carlaya is 5 1/2 now and will only let me do piggies part of the time. I am afraid once she's in school- she'll be "too old" for them. :P

    Do them as often as you can, while you can! LOL