Monday, September 14, 2009

Conflicting Styles

I recently read an article about finding your own personal style. It seems like most people I know have a very defined style. I feel very strongly that I do not! I am constantly looking at design blogs, decorating tv shows and fashion magazines. I love all kinds of decor, hair styles, clothing styles, music, movies, etc. If I had to pick my own personal style I couldn't, I have felt bad about this most of my life, chalking it up to not really knowing who I am. Well, I am done feeling bad about this! I am, from now on, going to embrace my multi-style personality!

For example....

I look like this one day

And this the next (my new look)

I love this

But, I also Love the Pottery Barn look

I love the J Crew Look

I also Love the Sophisticated look of Burberry

I love most music from Josh Groban to Built to Spill to Dixie Chicks.

I love, LOVE, love movies from Wall-E to My Fair Lady to Top Gun.


As you can see, my personal style is to not have one apparently!


  1. Awww I love you new look and style :). I love the Pottery Barn look, but I can't afford it. We are trying to decorate now that we have some money coming in. It takes time and money!

  2. I with ya, in this post! I feel like a schizophrenic when it comes to what I like! I like a bit of everything! But I don't think it's a bad thing--it just means we are flexible in our tastes!

  3. Looking great Amy! Yay! How fun! And even though your taste may be varied, it's all taste"full" no matter what you'll be stylish! haha! =)

  4. You are my favorite person today :) I SOOOO understand this post. I grew up in SoCal and I'm a bit of a hippie/treehugger who is trying to convert to vegetarianism and loves yoga but then I'm this New England lovin' art historian wannabe who loves all sorts of food, wine, and JCrew/Potterybarn/not so earth friendly things.

    I felt this made me less than whole - who the heck am I?!? lol But you know what - I am what I am and I'm a whole lotta good stuff. As are you :) So I say we just embrace every beautiful yet confusing part of what us unique!

    Love your blog, I'm so glad to stopped by to say hello :)