Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to class I go!

Awhile back I mentioned that I talked Shawn into buying me a SLR camera. I have yet to take FULL advantage of the great camera that it is, because well, I don't know how... I love to take pictures and have always wanted to learn more about photography so I finally signed up for an online photography class. I have been waiting on this class to open up since I bought the camera, it fills fast so that must mean it's good right?!

I have actually followed Candice's blog for quite awhile because I know her sister, Stephanie. Both have really great blogs, a talented family for sure!

Maybe this will scratch my back to school itch....


  1. Oh man! This class looks great. I bought a Canon Rebel about a month ago and have yet to change any settings. Let me know what you think of the class. :)

  2. She is sold out!! Oh well I guess I can't be too sad seeing that I'm missing the main ingrediant....a camera...costco.com here I come! Good Luck and you can be my guinea pig and let me know if I should do her next class! :)