Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper and More from Scribbles n Such

About a month ago, I got an e-mail from Christy about her new online stationary store that she recently started with her friend Michelle. She offered to send me some products to sample and IF I loved or even liked them, then spread the word about her company through my blog. I have to admit I was a little nervous to do this because I am a picky person, but also a people pleaser. I was very afraid that I wouldn't really like the products and then feel like I had to recommend them because I had agreed to sample them....
BUT, I have to say that I LOVE everything she sent me! I feel very lucky that I was asked to do this. It is no secret that I love paper, stationary stores have always been my favorite stores to shop. Scribbles n Such products are described perfectly by Christy and Michelle on their store homepage "a splash of color adds a little extra "happy" to everyday life. Whether it's a trip to the market, a note to the teacher, a birthday wish, or a cute tag on your bag, it's our hope that Scribbles helps put a pep in your step, a song in your heart, and a smile on your face!"
As I pulled out each product I was very impressed with the quality, and functionality, not to mention that from the gift tags to the reusable bags the designs are so charming. While they look fabulous on the website, they are even better in person.
Here are a few of the products Christy sent me to sample that I really Loved:

The Reusable Bag $8
in Spunky Skunk
Perfect for quick runs to the market!

Medium Notepad $8
in Spunky Skunk
My notes to the teacher (from me the sub) are in style since I received this fabulous notepad!

Gift Tags $11
in Forever Retro
OK, so these are so cute and a gift that keeps on giving! I have a new obsession with gift wrapping so this is the perfect touch to top off a perfectly wrapped present. They are made of a high quality plastic so the gift receiver could reuse this tag for so many other things Lunchbox/Backpack tag, Luggage tag... the possibilities are endless!

Circle Cards $10
in Forever Retro
This is a card that will even make the postman/woman's day as it is on it's way to be delivered!

Menu Planner $13
Citrus Circus
This last item is not one that I have seen in person, but love not only the design but the idea in general. I don't know a mom out there that couldn't use one of these!

Thanks Scribbles n Such, I see a bright future for your company!

Check them out HERE...really, go now, you won't regret it!

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