Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Favorite and Craftiness

Last week I went to a Uppercase Living Project night, where I made this really cute mud-room board with fabulous hooks. When I signed up to make this project, I did so knowing that I had no where in my current home to hang it up... but none the less I went and made it for "my next house." The significance of this in quotes phrase is that it applies to quite a few home purchases. Now, you may be thinking... Are you planning on moving to a new bigger house?? Well, someday I am, and when that day comes I will have really stunning decor waiting!

The bonus of the night was that the demonstrator (and my friend) just happens to live on a apple farm, so I also picked up the MOST DELICIOUS APPLES EVER!!!! I believe they are called Pixie Crunch.

Thanks V!

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