Friday, May 22, 2009

Acutely Cherished 2.0

A new blog is born! When I first stated to blog, right after my daugher was born in 2007, I posted mainly about her and our day to day life. A travel log. I recently ran across a blog were she asked people to leave comments with their favorite quotes. One in particular stood out.... “Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself.” This blog is part of that goal. I’ll post on things that are inspiring me, from learning to cook and sew, to fun craft projects, helpful or fun websites, tips and ideas I stumble across. Still, of course, some updates on my baby girl, who isn’t such a baby any more!



  1. EEK! I love your new blog! I think that is so sweet to have an actual proclaimed purpose to your blog. PLUS--who designed it? PLUS--I didn't know you were into photography...we need to hang out more so I know these things :) haha Looks like you're doing great!!