Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 Halloween's in 2010

Our Halloween Adventures started on Thursday night with trick or treating in my mom and dad's neighborhood. This was the first and only night Addy got into her ladybug costume, as you can see from the picture she was not loving it! Lillias on the other hand loved her costume made by her fabulous seamstress a.k.a grandma Adams! She went back and forth for months leading up to Halloween on which princess she wanted to be, it landed on Cinderella! I was pleased with this choice because being blonde and having blue eyes she made a pretty cinderella! {just a little biased} Next came our church trunk or treat which was really fun because she got to play with all her friends. And finally came trick or treating on the real Halloween at Grammy and Papa's. Lots of fun and LOTS of candy!

Lillias with the cousins at the church trunk or treat.

In the midst of all her friends at trunk or treat.

In Grammy and Papa's neighborhood trick or treating... just couldn't wait to eat the pink sucker! She asked everyone handing out treats for PINK candy! Funny girl!

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  1. So cute! Mika was Princess Auroa, but she called it her princess ballerina costume :). It's the year of the princesses!!!!