Friday, October 15, 2010

My Sweet Adelaide at 3 Months

Here are a few shots from her 3 month photo shoot. I saw this dress at Janie and Jack and could not leave without it! It made the perfect prop! 

There has been some debate in our household on how to get these cute bows to stay put on her little head. My mom used Elmer's glue when I was little to get the bows to stay, so that's what I used. Shawn however thought this was strange and did not think I should use glue... it has worked out great so far! Ha!

Adelaide is still the best baby, I love her to pieces!!!

{p.s. this post is about 2.5 weeks behind}

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  1. She is seriously so cute. I love the dress! It almost makes me want another girl. Ok, I am over it now! I have heard that KY jelly works really well for keeping hairbows on. Gross, but it does the trick, apparently. Elise has too big of a head to wear such dainty bows, she always had a huge bow on her head. Awww, those were the days. Enjoy her!